Thursday, November 21, 2013

GU Salted Caramel (Yeti) Review

GU Salted Caramel (Yeti)
I have never been a fan of electrolyte gels, no matter the brand.  The false flavors and unnatural consistency are difficult to stomach – just the thought of them on a long run is enough to make me want to gaarp all over the trail.  I stick with gelatinous chews, mostly by Cliff and Stinger, and the Hammer Perpetuem Solids . . . until now, that is.  Thanks to an FB post by a fellow runner, I have learned about GU Salted Caramel.  Hold on!  Caramel? . . . Salted?  I thought, I don’t care if it squirts into my mouth like a warm streak of duckshit, if it tastes like salted caramel, I am in.  I picked some up at the local REI to try the following day on a long run.  An hour out, I tore off the top, squirted half in my mouth and squished it around for the test.  I’d like to be buried waist deep in this stuff.  I now have a box of them stashed in my running drawer.  My wife and I have for years joked about taking a pocketful of cookies and candy on the trail during the holidays.  Now we can. 

Flavor:  Authentic.  While it may not be as luxurious as a home-made version with loads of cream and butter – I could squirt this on ice cream or chocolate brownies, and never know that it was an electrolyte replacement.

Consistency:  Perfect.  Some caramel is supposed to be semi-fluid, so it works.

Price:  $1.35 – and well worth it.  On sale they are $0.99.  While I do not need an incentive to run, these sure are a nice bonus.  I get to do one of my favorite things, and eat something sweet while doing it (another of my favorites).

Packaging:  The best on the market as far as I am concerned.  Trail runners, while typically not concerned with what others think, still like to identify with something cool.  The Yeti on the package shows that GU had an epiphany while creating this packaging. 

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